Where to Propose on Nantucket.

belle nantucket

Nantucket is unbelievably romantic in the Fall. Not only are there 30-70 weddings every weekend but it is also a time when you hear of couples popping the question. The smell of the air, the glow in the evening light, and the fact that you can go to a restaurant and hear yourself talk. Ahhh… Fall you are so good to us. I won’t even mention how amazing it is that you don’t have to drive around town 9 times to find a parking spot.

“Fall you are so good to us.”

Are you wondering where you should you propose to the love of your life on Nantucket? If you don’t have a meaningful spot on the island  that comes to mind this is your chance to make that one corner of the island “yours”.

I am living through this article vicariously (I have been married for 10 years now) though my husband did propose to me on the island at a spot that I haven’t been to since  I still know the exact spot I was standing when we he asked me. Sigh.

Here is a list of some beautiful locations on Nantucket you might want to consider when you ask the BIG question.

1. On Belle. Being out on the water watching the sunset and having someone bring out your champagne glasses and pop the cork while watching the sunset would be  nothing short of AMAZING.

2. Brant Point. It is not private by any means but wouldn’t be romantic to have the ferry honk thier horn for you in celebration. Yes, this can be planned and well it would be very romantic. Along with the idea that every time you pass by on the ferry it will make you smile! Love.

3. The Galley Beach. Nothing says I love you more than dinner the best restaurant on Nantucket, with your toes in the sand and the front row seat to the sunset.

(other Suggest restaurants: Cru, Ventuno, Chanticleer, or Toppers)

4. Have a planner help you find the perfect spot. A carefully orchestrated event with a romantic dinner on the beach, candles lit at the right time, cold champagne, a cashmere blanket on your lap, and of course the love of your life saying, Yes. Perfection.

5. Surprise! Have a party for whatever reason and invite all your close friends and family and propose in front of everyone. She/he would be talking about this moment for the rest of your lives together. Smaller restaurants can be rented out for parties in the fall or a vacation rental, or a Sperry Tent.

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Nantucket Romantic Getaways and Minimoons in the Fall

Nantucket transitions quite easily from bustling summer town to romantic wedding destination in the fall. Which would explain the 30 plus weddings every weekend. Not only are the number of weddings on the rise but also the number of Mini Moons to Nantucket.

A Mini Moon is an abbreviated honeymoon trip with in driving distance or short plane ride away from where you live.  For the couples who would rather postpone your honeymoon and have a short romantic getaway immediately after your wedding means less travel and less planning, while still feeling like you have gotten away from it all.

Is Nantucket is an ideal place for a Romantic Getaway because it requires a boat or a plane to get to which helps give you the feeling mentally and physically that you are for enough away from home to make it feel like a trip. The environment is very different from the scrub oak trees, the cobblestone streets that line downtown, and the endless beaches.

Where to stay.

  1. Decide between an Inn or a Vacation Rental.                                                  Hotels are too big to be romantic (My personal opinion) and walking down hallways every time you want something to eat can get annoying unless you are in the habit of using room service!  Depending on the length of your stay. I would say if you are coming for a weekend stay at an Inn downtown (ask the square footage of your room some can be small). If you are coming for a week rent a house, having more space with a yard is just nice to have. Remember no one will be freshening the linens or doing the dishes. You could hire a cleaner to come in everyday and do it.
  2. If you are not a couple that really wants much and just wants to be together I would choose either Madaket (sunsets!) or Sconset because it is so charming and quaint.

romantic nantucket minimoon

What are you going to do?

  1. They Sail! Maybe you are a sailor or you just want someone else to sail you around? The Endeavor is a sailboat on the wharf that can take you out on the water and enjoy a different view and experience.
  2. They Dine. The Wauwinet, Company of the Cauldron, The Galley Beach, Oran Mor, Dune, Languedoc Bistro, Ventuno, Ships Inn Restaurant, and The Club Car are my top picks as far as “romantic” places for dinner where you can hear each other talk and the spaces themselves are just more cozy. Not in any certain order. Make sure to call before hand and let them know that this is a spec.
  3. They go to the Movies! Nantucket has two theaters The Dreamland (make sure to ask which theater you are in one of the two theaters has directors chairs which can be very uncomfortable for some) and The Starlight which is a small romantic theater just off main street.
  4. They go to the beach! There are too many beaches to choose from. Everyone has their favorite. It really depends on the time of the year and which way the wind is blowing.
  5. They Enjoy the Theater. Nantucket theater workshop and White heron Group both are wonderful be sure to check out the schedules and book in advance.
  6. Sit back and enjoy one another.
  7. Watch the sunset with a bottle of bubbles on Madaket beach, Dionis or Steps beach.
  8. They Shop for Jewelry! A little bling is always a good way to start of a romantic getaway. There are so many shops you could spend all day looking at jewelry.

The off-season is a better time to go if you want to be more spontaneous. During the summer you will need reservations for everything to make sure you are guaranteed a table or a seat whether it be on the ferry or the theater.

TOP 6 things to do on your Minimoon or Romantic Getaway.

  1. Champagne and Caviar at The Galley Beach at Sunset (closes mid October).
  2. Sailing on the Endeavor through Nantucket Harbor.
  3. Breakfast in Bed! Listening to the waves in the morning (vacation rental near the beach)
  4. Lunch or Dinner at the Wauwinet via he Wauwinet Lady (boat) drops you off at the dock then for a walk on the beach after you dine (love this one)
  5. Tossing a coin and waving good-bye to Brant point together wishing for a safe return back the island.
  6. Have a couple of portrait taken professionally at your favorite place. If this is a surprise, make an appointment at a salon to have her hair, nail, and make-up done.
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California Dreaming with Nantucket Architecture Group

The weather on Nantucket in November is typically cold and gray. But when Steve and Karen Theroux decided to go on a journey through the heart of Northern California, they discovered warm temperatures and sunny skies. They also learned that there is so much more to like about this region than the weather—exciting architecture, wonderful food, and did we mention the wine? It was 10 days of off-island bliss for vacation-hungry souls. And while we’d like nothing better than to give a day-by-day synopsis of our trip, we’ll control ourselves and sum up the discoveries we made on the West Coast.

First, the architecture. (Disclaimer: Steve Theroux is a partner of Nantucket Architecture
Group, so our vacation pictures tend to include more buildings than people.) Our
accommodations in San Francisco were at the boutique Hotel California, formerly the Savoy Hotel constructed in 1913 located a short walk from Union Square. The staff offers a complimentary shot of tequila to all its guests, once a day at your request.

Although more famous for its bungalow-style homes and elegant Victorians, the San
Francisco area also offered two jewels for the design-obsessed. Both were works by
legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. One is actually located in the heart of the city,
within steps of Union Square on Maiden Lane. Despite its central location, however,
most San Franciscans don’t even know it exists. Although it now houses an art gallery,
it was originally a gift shop that Wright renovated in the 1940s. Everything about this
building was wonderful, from its curved brick-and-glass entryway to its sweeping
ramps and illuminated glass ceiling. But the most amazing thing about this space is that
you can see how Wright explored ideas that he would later use in his masterpiece, the
Guggenheim Museum.

NAG Nantucket

nantucket architecture

Just a short ride over the Golden Gate Bridge lies Marin County and another Wright opus—the Marin County Civic Center. One of Wright’s most significant projects and the biggest public building he ever designed, the Civic Center is a 580-foot long horizontal masterpiece. Its bright blue roof and canary-yellow spire that juts 172 feet in the air make this National Historic Landmark visible from miles away. Once inside, you’re amazed by how Wright used a glass-covered atrium and glass walls to flood the building with natural light, something rare in a public building. Its circular theme is repeated throughout the huge space—from its 80-foot diameter rotunda to its barrel-vaulted ceiling down to the pattern on the railings. Perhaps most amazing, at least to us, is that this is still a functioning civic center that works as well as it did when Wright designed it in 1957.


Steven theroux nantucket nantucket architects travel

Now, onto the food. Oh, the food. After 10 days of sampling Northern Californian
cuisine, the two of us felt like we’d died and gone to foodie heaven. One of the
amazing things about the food there was that it didn’t matter if you ate at a four-star
French bistro or a food truck—it was all wonderful. Our food-truck revelation was
a porchetta sandwich from the Roli Rosti truck at San Francisco’s Ferry Building.
Pork loin is wrapped in pork belly, then skewered and roasted on a huge rotisserie.
Above the porchetta are chickens and below them are trays of potatoes and onions. So
imagine this—the juices and fat from the roasting chicken and pork drip down onto the
vegetables, which are seasoned with rosemary and garlic, all of which send amazing
aromas into the air. Our sandwiches consisted of the pork fresh from the rotisserie, carved in front of us, placed on ciabatta rolls and topped with caramelized onions and
arugula. It’s hard to put into words just how amazing this sandwich was—sweet pork loin
with the crunchy skin and the sweetness of the onions and the bitterness of the arugula.
We tried to take pictures of the amazing food we ate on this trip, but sorry folks, no food
porn here — we were too busy eating them.

One of the highlights of the trip was a three-hour walking tour of San Francisco’s east Mission District with guide Chris Milano. This local boy started his Foodie Adventures tour company after being shocked that even other locals wouldn’t venture to this Latin neighborhood. Our tour started in front of an establishment called Chinese Food and Donuts, which, thankfully was not on the tour. But plenty of other local spots were, including one of the oldest butcher shops in the city, a taqueria, a so-called mexicatessan and a local grocery. If you’re tempted to take this tour or Chris’s tour of the North Beach and Chinatown be warned—you are not served small bites but full-sized portions at every stop. So after three hours of feasting on tacos, tortas and huraches–masa cakes stuffed with refried beans, cactus and cheese–we sadly realized we had to keep walking if only to work off some of our so-called “snacks.” Besides the food, we were introduced to the culture of the neighborhood, which has a long-standing tradition of murals. Unlike graffiti, these murals add to a home’s value, and it is considered disrespectful to deface them in any way. A trip down Balmy Lane, which is lined with mural-covered buildings, was like a walk through a modern art museum, and even included a work by the infamous graffiti artist Banksey.

steven theroux nantucketnantucket architect tripnantucket design trip in CA

We had another great meal at A16 in San Francisco’s Marina district. Named after the highway that run through southern Italy, A16’s menu is almost as good as a visit to that region would be. Their specialties include wood-fired entrées and pizzas and house-made cheeses, including a gooey Sanoma valey nantucket tripburrata served simply with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt. Served with crostini toasted in one of their three wood-fired ovens, this may be a new favorite appetizer. We followed that with entrees of pork shoulder, which was a miracle of wood smoke and pork fat, and the maccaronara, a Neapolitan pasta with Ragu topped with their house-made ricotta salata. Our dessert — a pear crostata—also spent time in the wood fired oven and its slight char went perfectly with the homemade gelato on top. To sum up A16’s food, our Naples-born waiter told us he wasn’t as homesick after he came to work there. “Nuff said.
It was difficult to leave San Francisco but wine country called. November is a great time to visit the vineyards. The pressure of the crush is over and the wine makers have time to talk to you and explain how they master their craft. The Loge at Sonoma was the perfect place to start our wine journey. A modern hotel designed in the California Mission Style it offers top notch accommodations, just outside the historic center of town. Be sure to visit Rams Gate Vineyards, Sebastiani and Cline Cellars just down the road. Dinner was at the eclectic Schellville Grill as featured on Food Networks Dinner Drive -Ins and Dives. Try the slow cooked wood smoked ribs defiantly not to be missed.

Sonoma’s LaSalette was another find. This small restaurant just off the city plaza served innovative Portuguese food and wines. We started off with an amuse bouche of skewers of grilled chourizo and olives. You can arrange your own tapas plate from a variety of options including linguica, grilled octopus, deep fried goat cheese with fig jam and sardines escabeche. There were also wonderful soups, like Steve’s butternut squash soup with crème fraiche, toasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of piri piri sauce. The wood-fired pork loin stuffed with figs and finished with a red wine reduction was a sensual and satisfying entrée. Steve’s feijoada, stewed pork and beef served over black beans and rice and topped with a fresh salsa was a revelation, especially when paired with a Schug Vineyard 2010 Caneros Pinot Noir. All of their desserts come in tasters of three different treats. We chose the caramel trio—creme brulee, caramel ice cream with nuts and pear tuile with a caramel drizzle –and a glass of 10-year old Port. After that meal, it was lights out for us.
We left Sonoma for Napa to meet up with our Nantucket friends Ken Turgeon and Patricia Rouleau. Pride Mountain Vineyards in St Helena would be our home for the next three nights. A guest house at the top of the 2100 ft tall mountain offered spectacular views of the vineyard and the countryside. Napa offers a variety of great wineries. Failla with wine maker and Nantucket born Ehren Jordan is a must see. Cliff Lede offers a great tour of its new modern wine making facility. Pride Mountain is the only winery that is in both Napa and Sonoma the town line runs right down the middle of its cave storage. Take the time to travel up to Healdsburg and visit A.Raffinelli a family run winery that goes back the early 1900s. Tastings, tours and entry is by invitation only so be sure to make reservations ahead of your visit. You will not be disappointed.

steven threroux in napa

Yountville in Napa Valley offers great first class dining at Bistro Jeanty. This Michelin-star restaurant is run by French-born chef Philippe Jeanty, who brings all of his homeland’s favorites to the West Coast. But unlike other classical French restaurants, his is not stuffy. The service is professional, but not severe and the whole atmosphere is like a one big family dinner.. We were lucky enough to have dinner there with the owners of Pride Mountain Vineyards, who brought some of their amazing wines to serve with dinner. Together with Ken and Patricia, the six of us feasted on specialties like Os a Moelle, or roasted bone marrow “Bordeleaise.” Paired with Pride Mountain’s 2009 Cabernet Savignon Reserve, this was an unctuous marvel. Others had classics like Escargot, Sole Meuniere, Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourguignon and Cassoulet, but none of them tasted old-fashioned and dull. Made with locally-sourced meats and vegetables, our meals tasted like the chef had just invented them for us.

napa outdoor spaceheart sculptureNantucket architects ideas

Another restaurant that serves a tasting menu was Terra in St. Helena in Napa Valley. You can choose from four, five or six courses, both savory and sweet, created by Japanese chef Hiro Sone and his wife, Lissa Doumani. We were definitely in good hands with this pair, who have each received a James Beard Award and have earned a Michelin for the last seven years for the creative food at Terra. Some of the highlights were the Porcini mushroom soup with grilled Berkshire pork jowl; burratta on a salad of cardoons, bottarga and olives; broiled sake-marinated black cod; and buttermilk fried quail with cheddar cheese polenta and grilled radicchio. We provided the wine from our most recent tasting at Nantucket-native Ehren Jordan’s Failla Vineyard. His 2011 Chuy Vineyard Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley was the perfect complement to the variety of dishes. The courses were all perfectly sized, flowed easily, and the service was very friendly and knowledgeable. The space itself, a former factory, was cozy and intimate, with stone walls, floor-to-ceiling wine racks and a central island made out of a slab of California redwood.

Berkshire pork jowl; burratta on a salad of cardoons, bottarga and olives; broiled sake-marinated black cod; and buttermilk fried quail with cheddar cheese polenta and grilled radicchio. We provided the wine from our most recent tasting at Nantucket-native Ehren Jordan’s Failla Vineyard. His 2011 Chuy Vineyard Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley was the perfect complement to the variety of dishes. The courses were all perfectly sized, flowed easily, and the service was very friendly and knowledgeable. The space itself, a former factory, was cozy and intimate, with stone walls, floor-to-ceiling wine racks and a central island made out of a slab of California redwood.
The drinks crafted from fine liquors, homemade bitters and natural ingredients. Feel free to try drinks like the Bitter End or the Citizen Cane, but to obey the house rules: don’t even think of ordering a Cosmnapa trip ideaso.



Rams Gate –  28700 Arnold Drive Sonoma, CA voted the best outdoor winery

of 2014 by San Francisco Magazine

Cline cellars – 24737 Arnold Drive Sonoma Ca.

Sebastiani –  389 4th

Ravenwood Vineyards –  18701 Gehricke Road Sonoma CA.

Pride Mountain Vineyards –  4026 Spring Mountain Road St. Helena CA.

Beringer Vineyards – 2000 Main Street St. Helena CA.

Failla –  3530 Silverado Trail St. Helena CA. Ehren Jordan winemaker grew up on Nantucket.

Martinelli Vineyards –  3360 River Road Windsor CA

Elise vinyards –  2100 Hoffman Lane Napa Ca.

A. Rafinelli –  4685 West Dry Creek Road Healdsburg CA. Tours by appointment only

Peju Vinyards –  8466 St. Helena Highway Rutherford CA

Cliff Lede – 1473 Yountville Cross Road Yountville CA.

Clos Pegas – 1060 Dunaweal Lane Calistoga CA. St. E. Sonoma CA.


Schellville Grill –  2290 Broadway Sonoma Ca. As featured on Food Networks
Diner, Drives and Dives.

LaSallette –  452 First St. East Suite H Sonoma Ca. Cozina Nova Portuguesa

Mustards – 7399 St. Helena Highway Napa CA. Chef Cindy Pawlcyns

Terra –  1345 Railroad Ave, St. Helena CA. Chef Hiro Sone 2014 Open Table winner Dinners choice Award

Bistro Jeanty –  6510 Washington St. Yountville CA. 2012 Open Table winner
Dinners Choice award

Tadish Grill –  240 California St. San Francisco CA Featured on No reservations hosted by Anthony Bordain and The Originals with Emeril Lagasse

A16 –  2355 Chestnut St. San Francisco CA


The Buena Vista –  2765 Hyde St. San Francisco CA. Served the first and now famous Irish Coffee in 1952

Bourbon and Branch –  505 Jones St. San Francisco CA. Opened in
1921 as a speak easy. Today still operates as it did in the days of prohibition. You need a reservation and a secret password to gain entry.


The Hotel California – 580 Geary St. San Francisco CA Originally the Savoy Hotel built in 1913.

The Lodge at Sonoma – 1325 Broadway Sonoma CA.

The Guest Cottage at Pride Mountain Vineyards – 4026 Spring Mountain Road St.
Helena CA.


Chris Milano – A three hr. Food tour of the San Francisco Mission District
This is not to be missed if you’re a foodie.

This was written by Steve and Karen Theroux.  To Learn more about Steven and his Designs please visit is website at www.nantucketarchitecture.com

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A New Art Gallery in ‘Sconset

Sconset Art Gallery nantucket

I am looking forward to Chandra Miller and Carlin Binder’s vision coming to fruition this weekend in the form of ‘Sconset Gallery.  Sconset itself is a piece of art within a beautiful frame of Nantucket island. Words that come to mind when we think of this little village: Charming, beautiful, whimsical, magnitizing, delightful, and fun are all words that come to mind.

Sconset GalleryNewly Weds and ‘Sconset Gallery Owners Carlin Binder and Chandra Miller.

Chandra’s vision will be supported by her husband Carlin and talented Whitney Kreb. The gallery opening night is June 21, 2014 from 6-9pm. Please plan to visit and meet some of the amazing artists that are involved as well as view beautiful art work.

Artists Invloved : Dylan Stark, Julija Mostykanova, Brooke Gherardini, Liz Roache, Miles Cameron, Anne Rose, Margaret Fox, Kathryn Miller, Whitney Kreb, and Sunny Wood

Current Gallery Hours Starting June 21, 2014. Open daily  MondayWednesday 10 – 6, ThursdaySaturday 12-8. Closed Sundays. With weekly openings Thursdays 6-8pm commencing June 26th.

Facebook Page for Sconset Gallery (click here)

Address. 0 New Street ‘Sconset. diagonally across from the pump house.

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Nantucket Vacation Rentals: What to bring.

nantucket vacation rentals

When you are headed to your vacation rental on Nantucket. Be sure to go through your list of what you might need. If you have a real estate agent they might have a list for you to go over before you leave your home and head to the island. If not here are a couple of things that I would bring.

Not every vacation rental is going to be the same but as far as basics here is my list: Salt and pepper, condiments, ziplock bags, plastic to go containers, plastic ware, coffee filters, paper towels, napkins, soaps, cooking spices.

I am not big on throw away items but bringing the silverware from a rental house to the beach is something I wouldn’t recommend. Washable storage bags might be a good idea. Everything that you throw away goes to the island goes to the waste facility  and things are handled a bit differently on the island.

A beach blanket, possibly an umbrella, large brimmed hat, beach bag, life jacket if you plan to go boating, first aid kit, poison ivy soap, hand soap,  and some aloe vera. Most of these things can be found on the island but sometimes you forget them when you are at the store shopping for the week at the grocery store.

Small Nepresso machine, your Vitamix if you have one, cooler cups that don’t sweat would be nice things to have as well. 

If you have something to add to this list please make a comment. Safe travels!

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5 Things to Make your Ferry ride to Nantucket More Comfortable

what to bring to nantucket on the ferry

I was never a person who was into taking the slow ferry to Nantucket or leaving Nantucket on the slow ferry. I used to take it in college when I was visiting my boyfriend now husband and I didn’t have the cash but I certainly had the time. Now that my children are 7 and 8 and we have iPads (I know, don’t give me grief about it) I love the slow ferry because it gives me time to unwind and rest. Since the slow boat is 2 hours long it is good to have a couple of things with you.

1. Portable device and charging cord

2. Two items to read. Both slow ferries have free reading materials about the island in the ticket office. Yesterday’s island is something I usually grab and a book of some sort.

3. Cards.  I never see anyone playing cards but I think this is an occasion when you might like to start a game.

4. Sunblock. If you prefer to feel the wind in your hair on the top (open) deck then sunblock would be a good idea and a pair of sunglasses.

5. Light sweatshirt. Humid air sitting on your skin can make you cold or use it as a pillow for a cat nap.

ps. Something healthy to eat would be a good idea too since they do not have too many healthy selections on the slow ferry


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Services for Nantucket Vacation Rentals

Nantucket vacation rentals are really just houses. These homes usually don’t come with any services and if you still want it to feel like a vacation then you have to find someone else to do it for you. This year there are quite a few services that can make your life that much easier.

Concierge Companies like RTT Concierge or Enjoy Nantucket will do whatever you need to keep your vacation, a real vacation. If your car is in the city and you don’t have time to drive it to Nantucket and get it on the ferry, or if you don’t want to go to the grocery store (huge hassle) they they will keep you filled to the gills with fresh fruit and items for grilling. Bike companies (Young’s, Easy rider) will drop off and pick up your bike rentals. Baby equipment rentals (Nantucket Cribs, and Petite Travelers of Nantucket) make sure you have everything from toys to a stroller that can handle the sand of your driveway.

Having a cater make breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your home or dropping it off is also something that is worth looking into. Crave Strong, Nantucket Catering Company, The Green are all great places to talk to about arranging some meal plans in advance so that you can take a break!

Nantucket Vacation Rental Services

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Nantucket Weekend Notes

Spring is here and I feel as if I might thaw out some time soon. Daffodils are pushing up and my dream of summer isn’t to far away. Hanging out on Surfside beach through the evening when everyone has left and it is almost dark. It is so close but so far. The island is busy with changes.

I am always torn about change having to do with Nantucket. I leave then I go back and something else has left and something new is moving in. I do like change but there I just get a little sad when a business didn’t make it . Since Boston investors are coming in buying real estate and islanders have more to “worry” about than just one investor buying up most of downtown it changes the outlook for the commercial end of things. The small business culture is changing and it seems to me that the island is defiantly getting on board the “internet train” and maybe online shopping will help even out the play field and you will not have to be on the island to get some of your favorite Nantucket things. I would think that calling the store and ordering what you want would usually be an option but I don’t like making phone calls out of laziness.

I am writing these notes from a Nantucket perspective but I am in Boston at the moment. Missing Nantucket Island. Since I did live there for many years I always feel a pull to go when seasons change or something happens. People that love Nantucket have an anchor tied to The Rock no matter where life takes you.

boston marathon runners

Lots has happened on Nantucket and it is easy to keep up with! What spurred me to write this was Lisa Frey’s video about being happy. I loved it. I love anything that makes me smile.  Happy Nantucket – Producer Lisa Frey – Song by Pharrell Williams

Kit Noble Photography has posted some killer images. Here is a link to his Portrait gallery on Facebook. He has also been doing some traveling and posting some images as well.

Nantucket Runners in the Boston Marathon are running for a reason. Support them at Pi Pizza this weekend at the Dine and Donate Event. To donate to Jami Lower’s Cause (The Greg Hill Foundation). To Donate to Jane Stoddard’s Cause (Alzheimer’s Association)

Sara Boyce is killing it on her Lifestyle blog…lots of food and interviews. The more you know the better and her blog is a good place to go see what she is up too because I don’t know many who could keep up with her otherwise! A Delicious Lifestyle

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Nantucket Vacation Rental Options

Knowing is everything and when you are a Newbie stabbing around in the dark online to try to find answers is no fun. When you are on the search for a Nantucket Vacation Rental Property it is good to know what is out there before you start booking. Nantucket is a popular place to visit and be. But if you are a celebrity you might want to be under the radar and if you are a wanna be celebrity you might want to be on the radar. On that note here are some if not most of the choices on Nantucket to stay if you don’t already own a home on the island.

Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Hotels on Nantucket Check here http://nantucketlodging.org/ this is a very handy site when you just want to see how far your money can get you, maybe you just want to stay the weekend? It will be harder to find a house that will rent to you by the night in which case this is where you would want to start your search.

Nantucket Real Estate Agencies. There are quite a few of them. I am a Real Estate agent at JPFCO Real Estate. They are the best in my book but if you want to look somewhere else all you have to do is look on Google to search the best come up on the first page. If you want to rent a house and you never have before I suggest that you go this route because they will show you the ropes, meet you at the house, you will have someone to call and a connection to the island that is invaluable if you do not know anyone locally.

Homeaway.com, VRBO.com are my two favorites. I list my home on these sites and they are easy to use and usually connect you with the owner of the home. But this doesn’t mean that the owner will be on the island when you are in the house. It is always good to ask who will be on the island to call if you as the renter needs help.

In most Nantucket Vacation Rental homes rentals usually turnover on Friday or Saturday. Almost no rentals will take pets, and if they do they will require large security deposits. Ferries are usually fully booked on weekends in the summer back in January and it is a mad dash to get the best reservation (all part of the fun). Many homes are older (historic) if you only want to rent a newer place prepare to pay a premium because demand is high and updated homes with new everything is low.

natnucket options

The White Elephant, Nantucket Hotel, Nashaquisett, Weneedavacation.com, nantucketaccomadations.com, and Harbourview Place are all options as well. I am not going to attempt to name them all if I missed you just ad yours in the comments  attached to this post, please (thank you).


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